Running with scissors

I don’t know much about two year olds, I have only had one for about three weeks now, but what I do know is this; their emotions run high and they have a tendency to gravitate towards trouble.

The two year old I know, my darling angel of a son, loves trouble (on some occasions this is also known as danger). He is tall and he is quick and if there is trouble to be found he will find it. He even goes so far as saying “Mum hide” when I am hanging around a bit more than he would like and trouble is within reach.

As my son is quickly learning one of the perks of being a big brother is there are moments when you will be left alone. The pest of a lady that is constantly stopping his fun, otherwise known as Mum, her time is now occupied by another tiny human and it opens up many windows for trouble.
Some examples of this so called trouble are as follows:
– Crayons on the carpet
– Pencil on the walls
– Permanent marker on the bench
– A whole packet of rock salt through all our kitchen drawers
– Eggs smashed on the floor
– The contents of an extremely full nappy smeared into every couch cushion
– Standing on the dining table kicking everything that is left on it onto the floor below
– The utensil drawer scattered all over the kitchen floor and our darling son taking the scissors to his toys, showing them how they “do cutting”

The list goes on, hence the naughty chair in the corner becoming a semi permanent fixture in our house.
I cannot be a helicopter parent, I no longer have the time or ability to hover over my first born child every minute of every day. With each time I leave our lounge room to change a nappy or an outfit I return unsure of what I may find, and I can honestly say (after the whole nappy spread on the couch incident), most times what I return to is a relief.

Childproofing is a term used loosely in our house. Our house is safe, it has been ‘childproofed’, there are no power points unplugged, the scissors have been moved and we did buy childproof locks for the lower cupboards. The childproof locks were soon unpicked by tiny fingers and the naughty chair has been dragged from its corner to the drawers so as to be reached and rummaged through by a certain someone as much as he pleases. We have quickly learned that there is only so much childproofing you can do. Leo knows what is dangerous and what is naughty, he will be the first to tell us. He will run into trouble and afterwards he will come running to me, telling me “Leo naughty, draw on walls”. ┬áHonesty is our friend and it has a habit of meeting me in the hallway half between Maisie’s room and the lounge room warning me of what I am about to walk in to.

So for now I will enjoy the honesty, take it while it lasts and know that a moment of quiet does not mean peace it means find my child and stop him, he will definitely be up to something.


2 thoughts on “Running with scissors

  1. They don’t call it the terrible twos for nothing! My Lilly is also 2 and boy does she get into trouble easily! All I have to do is turn my back for 30 seconds and there she is with pasta sauce in her hair and an angelic expression on her face ­čśü They say this too shall pass, well I hope it passes before my fragile sanity goes the way of the Dodo


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